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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  July 9, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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building is condemned now and most of the residents many with small children have lost everything they own. >> reporter: larry modos and his wife are among the 40 people left homeless in loll. >> the alarm went off. we got out there, and we saw the flames, just big big flames. >> reporter: the early morning fire sunday drove residents of the country moe meadow apartments out of the burning structure and by the time firefighters had exeter tingished the fleams, 20 of 25 units had been destroyed. some victims say it's no mystery to them what the cause of the fire was. >> it was a propane tank on the back that started the fire. somebody left a propane tank
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out there. >> reporter: you think they left the burner on the grill. >> yeah, because it don't make no sense. my neighbors say he saw it, and go up to the building and when the corner building couldn't stop. t. >> reporter: the american red cross showed up right behind the firefighters with money for food, clothing and shelter and it's put most of the victims up at the comfort inn in yes, sir up, but the challenge now -- jesup but the challenge now is gaining their lives. >> it's out of your comfort zone, your own bedroom and bathroom and everything, yo and you don't know what to do, just keep going back and forth. >> we lost everything. kids, you know, kids going to school, three or four kids, we
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lost everything. >> reporter: the estimates damage to the apartment building has been put at $700, a pair of firefighters who suffered an ankle strain and heat exist which you know have been treated and -- x and released. at this point they can only say the fire startinged inside the home in the 3400 block of newport avenue, the female victim has not been identified and fire investigators are awaiting the results of an apings -- autopsy to determine the cause. and some pretty impressive lightning and of course things are much calmer this evening and cooler after days of unending heat. it's ended at least for now, so how long will we have this
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reprieve from the heat and let's check in with wyatt everhart whose in the storm center for what's on tap. >> the boundary that pushed the heat out of here looks to stay south tonight and tomorrow. i think most to have the storm action will stay south of us for the next 24 to 48 hours. take a look across the state now, a couple of showers, those are just about done but are one of the big stories of the day, that heat wave breaking, low 80s east of the baltimore and new york, for the most part we stayed out of the 90s with that cool northeasterly flow coming in. we'll talk about how things developed through the rest of the week. thanks a lot. the heat wave may have broken, but it's still uncomfortable for the folks without power after bge had said they restored, the storms knocked
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power to about 15,000 people, and you know, just like most of us, much of the country is saying guidry dance to that triple -- guidry dense to that triple digit heat. >> reporter: finally, the words that so many sweating americans have been waiting to hear. >> the big news is the heat wave is over. >> reporter: over the weekend devastating storms with a historic heat wave, eleven straight days of temperatures around 100 degrees around the nation. at the rangers game last night, this thunder clap freaked out the players and the umpire and sent them scrambling for the dugout. a storm blew right through bricks to bring down this cheer leading facility and practice was going on inside.
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>> reporter: the girls are instructor broke her ankle but luckily nobody was hurt. a 48-year-old woman on the beach was struck and killed by lightning. >> probably within 15 minutes getting off the beach, she was struck. >> reporter: just how hot has it been. temperatures reached 105 degrees of dc on saturday. that's two degrees shy of the hottest record ever. it caused this plane to sink into the runway at ronald reagan national airport and the heat caused this exploding manhole. >> we are not going to see the extreme record breaking heat. >> reporter: here in washington and across much of the country cooler temperatures are expected this week, but don't get too comfortable, the summer is still going to be a scorcher. the heat wave was part of a
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record breaking year of weather for most of the country. the national oceanic association said we had the warmest 12 month period on record, and we may be headed for another record year, they predicted 3-quarters of the country will have a hotter summer than usual. the farmers almanac predicts thunderstorms and plenty of thunderstorms heading our way in august. well, tonight we know the names o. three boys who police believe drowned in a creek, the boys members of a small haitian community were last seen playing basketball in a church parking lot on saturday evening. but when 12-year-old vladimir petron jacotin, his 11-year-old christopher and six-year-old
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didn't come home, they found their bodies in a creek yesterday. investigators believe the boys may have gone into the creek trying to get away from heat, the families were working on saturday when officials believe the boys drowned. >> and then this what happened yesterday, the families of christopher, gabriel, they were crying and i have to pull them together. >> autopsy will be done at the office of the medical examiner in baltimore but authorities do not believe foul play was a factor. a viewing will be held for the three boys saturday. trampton funeral home from 6 to 8:00 p.m., the funeral is set for 3:00 saturday, the donations for the funeral can be sent to the funeral home. tonight the steps on a pop star have been declared brain dead.
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11 are-year-old kyle glover was air lifted to an atlanta hospital. he was struck by a man on a jet ski, he is the son of ushers ex- wife, usher is reportedly supporting the family. police are still investigating the incident. investigators are getting closer to what caused a boat to capsize in new york on the 4th of july killing three children. police are preparing to raise the boat right now to try to look at why it may have sank. today the nasa county police have been trying to get a way to get it out to the surface without damaging evidence. the plan is to inflate air bags inside the boat and figure tout if something went wrong in the boat or too many people on board could be to blame. >> each manufacturer has certain recommendations in connection with the coast guard. we will be looking further into
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the recommended amount of people that should be on this boat versus the amount of people that were on this goat and a myriad of other issues that go into this incident. 24 people were rescued including 17 adults and 7 children, the boat was heading to shore. the three children who were killed were trapped inside the boat's main cabin. one of the defendants charged in the st. patrick's day attack caught on video pled guilty today in court. police say aaron parson, deangelo carter and davis were all part of this beating that took place nap downtown baltimore last march. a tourist has a video of them being beaten and rob, carter and dais were each sentenced to a year in prison and two years of probation. an overnight flight turns into a nightmare for more than
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100 people trapped on an airplane. how one passenger's disruptive actions left the others sitting for more than 10 hours inside a very hot airplane. and one area program that has high school senior seniors spending their summers getting ahead academyically. before any problems come up, that means some of you are going to have to conserve. we have details on that coming up on abc 2 news at 2:00. at 5:00. the car on the left was filled up with
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what should have been a simple overnight flight from la to fort lauderdale turned into a night marry for more than a 100 passengers trapped inside a jet for hours and hours. an unruly senior forced a diversion to houston, they'll all get a full refund. >> reporter: spirit airlines
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flight 310 departed on time saturday night at 10:00 p.m. but that was the last thing to go right for this los angeles to fort lauderdale red eye. according to police it was halfway through the flight whether 86-year-old partially blind passenger who only speaks french became frightened and started screaming at passengers. >> i know you're upset. >> it was terrible. it was unreal. it was painful. >> reporter: finally allowed off the plane, the airline ordered a new jet to fly the passengers to florida. >> no, no way. no way, and it took them 25 minutes after wards to come back and tell us that they were going to have a plane for us. >> they said time constrains and organizing a crew prevented them from allowing the original flight to take down in houston, the new plane touched down in
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south florida at 8:00 p.m. last night, 19 hours after leaving los angeles. in a statement spirit airlines says the safety of their customers is always their top priority and all their passengers are being given free refunding for their inconvenience. now maryland's most popular radar and the forecast considered most accurate by weather rate. >> right now, it's tolerable downtown, temperatures approaching 90. at the airport we're in the mid- 80s and the humidity has dropped some, cloud cover this morning helping to hold temperatures down. today finally the day we break that stretch of 90s, we break that significant heat wave, we're almost two weeks in duration, so welcome welcome relief, weather through the day, cloudy, it helped keep temperatures down. and a charm city run today, a
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nice view of a mix of sun and clouds, how about the beach not a bad place to be, although there were showers toward ocean city and in fact we could check it it out on our most powerful radar, you do see a couple of showers earlier this evening striking parts of southern wooster county, that was about the only rain we had in the state so far since those early early morning showers, we look further west, this is our storm line. our boundary is pushed further south so for the next day or two at least, we think that boundary stays south. that will mean the main storm coondogs will be south of us, into -- con duction will be south of us. we have comfort temperatures across the state, 70s on the map in ocean city, it's an east, northeast breeze so that
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pulls in merry time air, so that is comfortable, and the clouds actually work to hold temperatures down as well. humidity more in the moderate range as opposed to the oppressive levels we had going into the saturday and sunday as we look at the entire mid atlantic states, the only active weather down toward north carolina, and this boundary continue to go drift further south as we look at the overall pattern here, stationary front, they're not locked in place. they can still drift or shift a little bit. but they don't make bold sweeps across the country the way a warmer cold front does, so that's to deal with the stationary front. we thinks shift will go further south, keep that hot air bottled up and allow the mild air to keep flowing in out of the new england states and you can kind of see that boundary, could we see a pop up shower or
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storm, it's certainly possible, certainly the southern part of the state but we think the main storms will remain south into the carolinas and the deep south right through wednesday. most of our storm activity staying to the south. here's the real set up for intense weather, that's down over the deep south in louisiana, big swirl, rotating thunderstorms here, impressive weather over dixie, and here we're getting into a quiet section for 24 to 48 hours. tomorrow 86, mostly cloudy, a storm possible south of the city, south of central maryland and in tomorrow night down to 67. 7-day forecast, i think you'll like this one, temperatures will hover in the mid- to upper 80s, remember the typically high temperature is in the upper 80s for this part of july on average, so we were way above average last week. this is more typical and we do note that as we go into the weekend and next week, there
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will be another surge of heat, but right now the surge of heat that comes after the weekend kelli looks to be a more short lived burst, maybe 3, 4 days, not 10, 12, 13 days. >> it was miserable. >> you don't have to me. i was out there moving in that on saturday. >> i was at a family reunion in ohio. summer is here, but instead of hitting the pool all day with friends, some high school students are brushing up on their reading and math. it is part of the summer academic enrichment program, it offers low income students a sneak peak at college. education reporter sherrie johnson with more on how this program is making a difference. >> reporter: it's 8:30 in the morning and students with the summer academic enrichment program at mcdaniel college are hard at work. they're taking this time to get
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ahead academically, nearly 250 rising high school seniors are spending four weeks at the college, they're immersed in college life getting ready for higher learning. >> they are concerned that they don't have what it takes to be successful, and so we want to help build their confidence and give them the skills and tools that will help them be successful. >> i think the program is excellent if you want to get a good experience. we have a lot of people here that is willing and dedicated to help us get the things that's necessary for college and get our minds right on track. >> reporter: the students are selected from low income neighborhoods, many of them have a lot of deal with at home, some have absent parents, take care of younger siblings or take care of their own children. tie relative is looking forward to get -- tyrell is looking forward to getting out of his neighborhood and he admits there are distractions but his mother kept him on the right
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track. >> it could be easy to be influenced with the wrong things but fortunately i was fortunate enough to have a mother who put the hammer down and made sure i was on the right track. >> reporter: this program teachers students about college life skills like dealing with roommates and time management all in an effort to let them know they can go to college. >> they have confidence because they have new skills they didn't have in the past, they have friendships that will last them a lifetime and they have this complete understanding that a whole host of people believe in them and they'll graduate with that support behind them. >> reporter: hopefully this program will encourage them to pursue their dreams and lead to a productive future. sherrie johnson abc 2 news. at the end of the summer, students are eligible to receive two academic credits, six high schools teamed up with mcdaniel college for this program. if you want to know more about some of our making a difference
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family members. pets may actually keep our kids healthier as long as there's no allergies in the home. a study followed about 400 kids from birth to their first birthday and babies with cats or dogs at the home had fewer ear infections or respiratory issues, the dirt animals bring into the home stimulates a baby's immune system. well, it happens you think you've passed the whole awful bedwetting phase with your child and you're right back in the middle of it again. the truth is apparently millions of children have accidents at night and some every night. some children apparently deal with it until they are teenagers and sounds like now it may run in their genes. >> there's a very clear component of family history with bedwetters so if one or both of their parents wet the bed into preadolescence, the risk of it happening in their child is quite high. abc 2 news is always working for york the best way
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to cut back on -- you, the best way to cut out on bedwetting is cut off their drinks right after dinner time. some of the fire closures are safe today, we have reaction and details on why one truck got a refree for now. and cooking oil, beat up card board boxes, those are the hot items on the black market, while businesses try to go green, they are the target of thieves, we'll explain. plus aim ready fire these are images from what could be the world's largest water gunfight. how many people took part, we have those stories and more on abc 2 news at 5:30.
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